Should I get a Lotus one day?

3d ago


I've talked about Lotus before on here. Being a born and bred Brit and a massive car nut, Lotus are one of those brands that I've always had somewhere in the back of my mind. There's something really appealing about the Colin Chapman philosophy of having a car that's as light and direct as possible, without the need for loads of power or loads of fancy gadgets. I was well aware of the purported magic of the Elise and its hardcore sibling the Exige and more recently I've found myself become more and more drawn to the 2+2 Evora and wowed by the (pictured above) Evija full EV performance monster. Even my dad used to joke a lot about buying an Elise, usually to the chagrin of my mum who thinks that 1. he won't fit in it (he's just under 6'2") and 2. they might be very unsafe (I suggested the Alfa 4C as a safer alternative, but they aren't buying that suggestion either...).

So, here's the question. Should I eventually buy one? It's something that's crossed my mind a lot of times. I'm the kind of person who really, really enjoys driving. Even if I'm in the most top heavy, goofy car imaginable, I love to push cars round the corners and tackle sweeping and twisting roads far away from the city. Of course, that's the kind of environment that the descendants of Colin Chapman's initial creations seem to be most at home in with their focus on lightness and handling instead of outright power. It seems like the perfect recipe to blast around the tarmac of my adopted home of South Wales, especially the Black Mountains (where Top Gear have done their fair share of swoopy mountain road driving shots over the years).

The other thing that sways me into Lotus land is the uniqueness of their cars. It seems like everyone who wants a sporty and engaging 2 seater or 2+2 goes straight for the offerings from the Germans, particularly Porsche. Whilst there's nothing wrong with Porsche (a Cayenne e-Hybrid would be my ultimate daily driver), I feel like as a pretty eccentric guy already that a Lotus would be a more accurate outward expression of who I am. Turning up in a 911 almost feels commonplace now, even though they are lovely and expensive vehicles. Turning up in a Lotus Evora, however, no doubt gets people talking about it. It's likely that not many people will have even seen one before, or even know that it's a car that exists. It says that you're different. Interesting. Creative. Maybe also willing to put up with a bit of quality issues and eccentricities, as Lotuses are often reported to have (the Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious joke is somewhat based on fact after all). In a world of increasingly cookie-cutter cars as manufacturers are playing things safer to keep the automotive industry intact, having a Lotus is almost a defiantly free-spirited choice and I love the idea of that.

Things are looking encouraging for Lotus, too. The recent acquisition by Geely and the first tease of their new era via the Evija only looks promising. Everything's coming up for the once perpetually doomed little sports car makers from Norfolk. I can only hope that continues. Geely has done some absolutely fantastic work reviving Volvo and helping to create amazing new cars like the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2.

So, what kind of Lotus would I go for? Most likely, the Evora. As I said, a lot of people don't even know that it exists. It's a car that, apparently, my tall and lanky stature could fit in easily. It's relatively comfy for a Lotus too, according to what I hear, and it's got a Toyota V6 so engine issues should basically be non-existent. A reliable Lotus? I know, some people probably can't believe it either! Whilst it may not be a particularly spectacular car on paper, that's probably not the point. The point is, as JayEmm once said about his own personal example, about the Lotus drive. Being a guy who loves to drive, maybe that's what I want more than anything else.

Would you buy a Lotus if you could? Should I buy one? Let me know in the comments below!

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