Should I get earbuds, 'traditional' earphones or wireless headphones?

4w ago

I'm currently using traditional earphones by Ironman, good quality and great comfort but I've been thinking about stepping my music game up with better earphones. I own a pair of Bowers Wilkins (a gift) but they're not wireless and I hardly ever use them. What d'ya say? Let me know in the comments

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Comments (18)

  • I say earbuds. They're cheap, work very well, and are easy to keep track of without being bulky.

      28 days ago
  • I'm team earbuds - I always think headphones make a person look a bit dullish and foolish, particularly when viewed from behind. And high-end earbuds provide very effective active noise cancelling.

      28 days ago
  • Wireless headphones, so much more functionality, proper sound an fantastic battery life.

      28 days ago
  • You can’t go wrong with anything made by Bose

      28 days ago
  • My experience has been that buds cannot recreate the full sound present in the recording. I use Sony WH1000MX3 noise cancelling bluetooth. I usually listen to live concerts that I have attended. I've heard some high end stuff in my day even had Sennheiser's. Nothing touches these Sony's in terms of accurate recreation of live music let alone studio stuff. Phenomenal. The Sennheiser's made for great high and mid ranges. No doubt. But I like the bass line and that's where these Sony's excel. Great highs and mids. But they really bring home the bottom. Not mushy or muddy either. Solid. I'm cheating by using the Sony software EQ that comes with these but I am also using an app MP3 player that has an EQ. Took some time to dial the two in together but the reward was worth the effort. I wear these for four plus hours at a time. If I wear them improperly they can get a tad uncomfortable. If I wear em right I can wear them for 8 hours without a problem. Retail is something about 355. DO NOT PAY THAT PRICE. I got mine for 220 from ebay. Had I spent more time looking I could have gotten them for even less. I didn't get black and that helped.

      27 days ago