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Should Jaguar revamp the E-Type?
  • Yes! A modern E-Type would be fantastic!
  • Maybe. Depends on whether it's like the old one...
  • No! The E-Type is a classic for a reason!! A new one would ruin it!
  • Other thoughts? Comment!

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Comments (12)

  • eagle speedster?

      15 days ago
  • Why not??If it is reasonably priced,it will sell like HOTCAKES.........

      16 days ago
  • The 80’s-90’s modern e-type was a XJ-S

    The 0’s-10’s modern XJS was the XK than 20’s modern XK would be the F-Type, which means the F-Type is the modern E-Type. Which in turn explains why the F-Type really looks like a modern E-Type.

      16 days ago
  • Isn't that what the F-type is for?

      16 days ago
    • Like call it the E-Type again and make a new lineup. I think that’s what I’m heading for...

        16 days ago
  • Like an F-Type Convertible?

      16 days ago