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Should Kimi have been in Ferrari or does Leclerc deserve this seat?

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  • Well, given that the pole answers don’t make much sense, I’ll put my answer here. I don’t agree with the swap in the slightest. I could see reasoning behind Ferrari wanting to invest early in a good young driver that has a lot of time left in the sport. But there’s a better solution. Prodigy or not, Leclerc lacks the experience to perform with Ferrari. It’s not a good place for 2nd-year driver- if he performs poorly, it’s to the detriment of a championship-caliber team that’s been 2nd best for far too long. Even if he performs decently, I find it hard to expect he will our perform this year’s Kimi. Meanwhile, Kimi’s talent will be wasted on Sauber, even more so, I think, than Alonso’s with the recent McLaren.

    Here’s the solution I think should have happened: Kimi stays at least one or two more years. In the mean time, Haas would prove a suitable promotion for Leclerc, and it would be to Haas’ advantage. That puts Leclerc in the running for a future Ferrari position, with the wise choice in the present to observe his performance as he gains more experience. This would have worked before the renewal of the Haas contracts. Who would he replace? I think Grosjean, who despite a somewhat better performance at the end of this year, simply hasn’t lived up to expectations since the beginning of his career. It’s too bad this is no longer an option now that they’ve rushed to “Leclerc in, Kimi out.”

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  • Lecrec in, Kimi in, Vettel out! :)

      2 years ago
  • How am I supposed to answer this pole

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  • +1

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