Should kvyat be in formula 1?

As the cars lined up back on the grid in austria, he called it.

3y ago

As the cars lined up for the race start in Spielberg, Austria I had 90% confidence The Redbull of Max Verstappen would make it to the second corner from grid, without an accident. Speaking to my dad earlier he talked about Hamilton having a chance of a DNF because of Kyvat. At the time I did have some trust in Kyvat's abilities but after this it really changed. The odds were not on my side and Max did not finish the race.

There is no doubt that Kyvat is a good driver. Race car drivers don't just Sunday drive into Formula 1. But for Daniil, is Formula 1 really for him? Last week in Silverstone he stunned but not surprised the spectators around Maggots and Becketts when he crashed his car into his own team mate on the first (technically second) lap. Racing is for him but maybe rallying instead? The now nicknamed 'Torpedo' is 3 fia demerit points away from a ban. What does his future hold for him in Formula 1.

Your thoughts?

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