Should Lexus 2054 be put into production today?

The concept car was immortalised in an action film starring Tom Cruise, but should it also become available for purchase?

39w ago

There are few cars built solely for films that remain well-known to this day, and this list includes the Aston DB10 from 'Spectre' and the Audi RSQ from Will Smith's 'I, Robot'. Today, we are going to talk about the most underrated car on this list: Lexus 2054, built to be featured in 'Minority Report', directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise.

While making the movie, Spielberg (being a Lexus owner himself) requested the company to design a car for the film that could fit the requirements of the year 2054: the time period that the film is set in. Together, designer Harald Belker and the Catly design studio (owned by Toyota) came up with a car that that would have a crash-proof structure, a biometric security system and an engine powered by fuel cells.

The final product was an embodiment of magnificence, but this magnificence unfortunately never got to the production line. Is it time however for that to finally happen?

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