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Should Lexus make an LS F?
  • Yes! A performance version of the LS would be awesome!
  • No! That's pointless and a luxury sedan is a luxury sedan!

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  • Bring back the ISF, that was a very cool car

      9 months ago
  • Yes why not

      9 months ago
  • I think that would be a cool car

      9 months ago
  • Yeah, the looks of the car would really suit a fast sedan, literally the market is dominated by the m760li and s63, in fact, lexus should make an f variant of all their cars like amg

      9 months ago
  • Would be an impossible thing to sell.

      9 months ago
    • I personally think it's more appealing than the S-Class and the S-Class AMG is pretty common here, so i think the LS will do alright if Lexus makes an LS F

        9 months ago


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