Should manufacturers depend on animals for their car's design?

VW, I need your attention!

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World's first official 'People's car,' the Volkswagen Beetle was the brainchild of Ferdinand Porsche commissioned by the obstinate dictator, Adolf Hitler himself. We all know that. The Beetle as it was named was a reliable and affordable German nutshell to haul and transport a family with wee bit prestige. While I am not sure, I think VW took inspiration from a bug as its design did resemble a bug, right? Save for the fact that it had wheels that were thankfully not hidden under the body but were placed on the sides.

While it was a great idea with a great motto, the car has been unfazed in facing its ups and downs until recently when VW had to bid goodbye to this longest production car of theirs and its pampered sibling, the Audi TT underpinned by the same platform owing to lack of resourcefulness for their vibrant future.

Do you think it was this "bug-inspired" design of the Beetle that sealed its fate? I certainly think so as I have always seen the car getting mixed reactions, some love it and some love to hate it. So do you think manufacturers should design their cars keeping the sketch of an animal as their guru?

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