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Should Manufacturers Use Gaming to Let Their Hair Down?

Well in paper, it sounds nice

1y ago

While I was going back home after my gym, I have no idea why I was thinking about Grand Theft Auto and I began thinking even further and I wonder something interesting. If games like Grand Theft Auto lets player do unspeakable acts, like owning 15 yachts, owning 20 garages filled with super cars and doing drugs, acts that could never be done in real life, because it is impossible and because of that. Grand Theft Auto is a massive hit with players and sometimes car people as well. Why couldn't car manufacturers, like McLaren, Dodge or Mazda, use gaming to go absolutely insane and I realized there is a game where they can do called "Gran Turismo: Sport" and the issue is that GT Sport is a PlayStation exclusive game and their Vision cars for companies like Dodge, Lamborghini and so on, uses Gran Turismo to go insane with the design and engineering. However, since Gran Turismo is an exclusive game to one console, PS4, why don't manufacturers do the same to other games like Forza or Need For Speed. Just picture if we can see the cars that are absolutely brilliant back in the world only this time it is gaming and its on every platform, not just the PS4. I mean who wouldn't want to see a future Nissan Silvia from Nissan themselves and it has a tunable engine, great handling and a stick shift or a Ferrari that is unforgiving and uncomfortable and has a manual gearbox, like the F4O in the gaming world and the car will not be uncomfortable, because it is the virtual world we are talking about and not the real world, but it will still be unforgiving. All of this sounds great and all car manufacturers using gaming to appeal to the gas guzzling in all of us, however I found some major issues. Firstly, we will never see these cars on the road, because it is designed to be in the gaming world and not the real world and even if it did. The cost of designing, if you are unaware, is really expensive and not to mention, the vehicle might never pass emissions or safety standards and a lot of us would love to see it in the road and not just the virtual world. Pretend Toyota doesn't have the Supra, the GT86 and all their exciting sports cars and Toyota announced their new Supra in the upcoming Forza title and all of us enjoyed it. I am sure that a lot of us want to see it in the road and Toyota announced it won't release it and all of us begged Toyota to release as their are uninteresting and boring, but Toyota will constantly say no as an answer. Can you imagine how upsetting that will be? At the end of the day, manufacturers aren't exactly wanting to make gas guzzling vehicles again at least personally, I don't think they want to do it again, but you can't deny that we all would like it, as some of us don't want to see all the vehicles in the road to go electric and hearing the symphony of hearing screaming V10s will be in the pages of history, but I still would love if manufacturers use gaming as a way to go insane and appeal to petrolheads who don't all vehicles to go electric, despite the benefits. However if they don't want to go ham with the idea of designing V8s or V12s with insane horsepower figures, they can still use gaming as a way to design some concept cars whether it is electric or not, it is completely up to them.

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  • The last time I set my fingers on any kind of video game was “golden tee” in the late 90’s. Before that it was “space invaders” in 1980. The one where you sit at a table with a beer and a cigarette. So ... I am, completely uninformed about the video gaming world. Having said that, I would support any technology that provides a semi realistic experience and that affords me the opportunity to drive a bunch of cars that I will never be able to own.

      1 year ago
    • That is also a negative thing about this because not many people would have the time and money to buy video games. That is also a bit of a issue. Thank you for pointing it out. Also Space Invaders is an absolute banger

        1 year ago
    • In 1980, I was 20 years old and in the Air Force. We spent countless hours sitting at those Space Invader consoles, drinking, smoking and just being 20 years old. Mindless fun!

        1 year ago
  • I don’t think they should to be honest. I can’t stand those GT Vision cars because all they are one offs that better off not being made at all even in a concept phase. They are just a waste of money for car companies in my opinion and their time would be better spent creating a feasible, realistic concept cars that could quickly go into production if the demand is there for it and use those realistic concepts and put them in the game like Dodge did with their 2006 Challenger Concept by putting it in Need For Speed Carbon and Chevrolet did with their Camaro concept around the same time.

      1 year ago