2y ago
Should scooter adaption like this exist in city centres?

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  • I'm fine with scooters - but I've always looked at them as different than motorcycles. 2 totally different vehicles - yet the training and licensing (at least in the US) are too similar for my tastes.

      2 years ago
    • Exactly, scooters are totally different from motorbikes. Here in Taiwan, it's quite easy for anyone, especially yobbos, to get a scooter license for riding a scooter is not just a popular, but one of the most affordable transportation...

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        2 years ago
  • When I lived in New York City public transportation was dismal at best. I think scooters were a great alternative. How could you not smile at someone zipping around on a Vespa? It looked like fun to me. Not that there weren't other scooters, some massive and powerful, but that classic Vespa shape? As a motorcyclist that commuted I preferred a small sports motorcycle, but that was habit. I saw scooters as "alternative motorcycles".

    The other upside was scooters (over 50cc), like motorcycles, were obliged to registered and insured. You could be fairly sure the rider knew "the rules of the road".

    Anything else with wheels was the proverbial "crap shoot". Often they didn't need to be registered and insured. There was no test for a license. Some of those "riders" could be unpredictable and dangerous in a crowded city. And obnoxious.

      2 years ago
  • Either electric or a lot less polluting. And less arrogant people on them cuz i cant get out of the way in a millisecond

      2 years ago
    • Yes, manners maketh man. By the way, I’m going to write about a brilliant Taiwanese electric scooter brand “Gogoro”, do stay tuned ;)

        2 years ago