How old is your current ride?

  • Just bought it!
  • about 5 Years
  • about 10 Years
  • about 20 Years
  • Which ride?
  • It´s elder than myself! My fathers father drove it...

Did you buy second hand or new?

  • brand new!
  • It´s been already in hands of my grandfather´s father!
  • It´s second hand
  • I never bought a car at all!

Is it any good?

  • It´s fast!
  • It´s slow but I manage
  • It looks great, even it isn´t any good
  • It looks ugly but it works fine!
  • Perfect in any way!

How is the sound of your car?

  • louder than any Band live on stage!
  • It makes some strange noise sometimes
  • Noise? It´s a hybrid/electric/.../

Why have you bought your curent ride?

  • looks good
  • I have no idea
  • It was cheap
  • It was the best I could get in every point!

Can you fix your car yourself?

  • Nope...
  • Yes i´m a great mechanic
  • Yes, but it´s worse afterwards
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