Should you get the new Ford Focus?

      Fiestas to left, Mondeos to the right, is there a reason for the brand new Focus at all...

      2y ago


      Without treading on too many toes, I am going theorise on this idea: Should you get the new Ford Focus?

      This thought came up in an odd conversation between me and a complete stranger. We were sitting next to each other in a concert hall, waiting for The Prodigy, I'm glad he didn't try to ask me questions during it, you wouldn't even hear a V12 engine over them.

      He said he just ordered the new Ford Focus, settling for the Zetec model as it fulfilled all his needs. That's nice to hear someone is really happy with what they have ordered and will receive but it got me thinking. When I and Daniel got back to our car - the Fiesta - it made me think as I drove home, we see so many Fiestas on the roads and now I'm seeing more Mondeos too...

      So, with that, is there any point of the Focus? Discuss.

      Why it's pointless...

      To make this as fair as possible, we will be looking at the Zetec models of all three of the Ford cars, especially seeing I have a Fiesta Zetec and we shall call him 'Mr. Raveface', ordered the same with the Focus. Let's use the basic models' engines, wheels and manual setup - it keeps is easy to compare.

      Ford Fiesta

      Ford Fiesta

      It's pointless when you can get a small 'supermini' such as the Fiesta. A lot of the standard Focuses have the same features of the Fiesta - sometimes it's not a good payoff either. Take the Zetec Focus, you get a smaller touchscreen media centre compared to the Fiestas, we all know that size doesn't matter, especially if you are more modern. The Focus had a DAB radio built in now, so does that smaller screen really mean you get less? Well, yes. It's still smaller.

      Let's keep going with the size thing here, now onto how big or small the Focus is. Well, it's not that much bigger than the Fiesta and not that much smaller than the Mondeo, naturally. Without getting too technical, because maths gives me a rash, but we can all see that there are different is all three cars sizes and that's okay - that is there purpose. Although, the size difference between the Fiesta and Focus is not even that much - the Focus is only 30 Cm longer than the Fiesta and only a tad taller. Why? Just buy the Mondeo if you want bigger.

      Ford Mondeo

      Ford Mondeo

      You don't get much more power for your buck either. The Focus is given the 1.0L EcoBoost as standard, compared to the Mondeo's 1.5L EcoBoost that pushes out an extra 65Bhp. There is no point including the fiesta on this, as you either get the same engine as the Focus or the really daft 1.1L with is weaker and less efficient. Durr.

      One last little niggle was the prices. The new Focus comes out around the £19k-20k mark, so it sits neatly in the middle of the Fiesta and the Mondeo, but the only standard useful item you get over the Fiesta is the cruise control and that's about it. You get more with the Mondeo for just a few extra grand - LED lights all around, parking sensors, DAB radio with navigation systems and ISOFIX attachments for the kiddies seats. So if someone bought the Focus as a family car and thought the Mondeo wasn't right, was clearly blind. Sorry.

      Then why buy the Focus?

      Because it's brilliant. Funny that seeing I built up such a massive list of cons for it, still I would buy one over the Fiesta any day - bank account permitting. I love the way it looks, the hatchback styling with angular face makes it look like a shooting brake.

      The new Ford Focus

      The new Ford Focus

      To get the most out of this model though, you need to get the ST-line for the 1.5L EcoBoost engine - either for Manual or Automatic, your choice. Team it with the navigational system and away you go... but one warning, if you do that, you might as well get the Mondeo ST-line with all those extras as standard. So find that balance YOU need in a Ford. That is down to you personally, get the Focus as a family car if you want, It doesn't matter.

      It's such a hard choice that Ford gives us. They are making such good cars for everyone's needs. Small, large and indifferent with so many model styles too! You know what's even harder for me now... I should have waited for the new Focus, it's better than my crummy Fiesta.


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      • I never warmed up to the Focus. Good to drive but you can buy a sexy red Alfa for similar money :-D

          2 years ago
        • I've always had a soft spot for the Brera.

            2 years ago


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