Should you keep the shipping covers on your Dodge?

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Dodge Challengers and Chargers are sent to dealers with yellow “air dam shipping covers” for protection of the lower fascias during the shipping process. These are often left on, much to the ire of some Dodge enthusiasts.

And Dodge, naturally, has an opinion on the topic. Mark Trostle, head of design for Dodge and SRT, said that they are only there "to ship the vehicle. To me, as a designer, it ruins the lines of the car.” But some owners think that the cars look much better with them on. These shipping protectors can even sell for hundreds of dollars online.

So Dodge has introduced what it hopes will be a solution for its new vehicles. Trostle said that “For the new splitter guards, we’ve introduced a new fashionable purple color. We’ll see if that one takes off. I hope it doesn’t, but…it’s purple.” But perhaps a Plum Crazy Purple air dam cover would be even more popular than the yellow.

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  • This is the automotive equivalent of leaving the sticky screen film on your brand new smartphone.

    1 month ago
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  • Really? Going to a purple color is the “solution” Dodge proposes? Right. If they actually want to dissuade owners from leaving them on, they would make them out of multicolored recycled plastic scraps, of have the pair be different colors, or make them perforated, or just make them out of foam and cardboards. Please, give me a break.

    1 month ago
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