Showdown of world premieres at the Brussels Motor Show

With the new Evoque, a world premiere from Britain is facing off with the understatement from Ford.

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The Jaguar Land Rover group presents a memorable stage every year, this time they brought along a world premiere: the brand new Evoque.

Land Rover spread a few Evoques throughout its stage to familiarise themselves, and my first impression is quite positive. The interior is quite comfy, while it could keep the Landy-typical rugged look (well, at least next to a Volvo or a Bimmer).

The interior is still rather compact. the Evoque is still not a European family hauler, a role much better played by the Disco Sport in the JLR model range. While it is updated with new features and a slightly modernised look, it remained faithful to the style of the first generation.

The rest of the Land Rover fleet showcased all the virtues of the brand, with the full model range (with a focus on the recent Velar) up to the individual luxury specification of the top of the Range (Rover) : ).

At the front end of the stage, the Jaguar section also showcased its complete line-up with a few interesting pieces... the F-Type Chequered Flag edition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the legendary XK120...

and a bold and beautiful XJ with a back seat you can imagine M from a James Bond movie.

The I Pace is illustrated with its mechanics, yet I remained uncertain about what I would refill it with.

In case you miss a few cherries from the top, I recommend to have a look at the fabulous Dream Cars hall with the remaining Jags showcased there.

The Jaguar line-up is fresh and up to date, with an unprecedented model offensive of the past few years. Yet the growth fell behind my expectations, which the brand did not deserve. It would be a real shame if the political turmoil would counterbalance all the efforts of the JLR Group.

Next to the British, the Ford Motor Company was assigned with the heavy burden of keeping the JLR group in check with a premier. And they brought along a fairly important one...

Ford showcased the world premiere of the first Plug-in Hybrid Mondeo, that also inaugurates a comprehensive facelift of one of the most important cars of Ford's European line-up.

The rest of the stage featured the complete “European” line-up from Ecosport to Mustang, whereby the reminiscent of glorious past are the three traditional European models (Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo) and the neighbouring brands in the Hall, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mazda that once belonged to the great family of the FoMoCo.

On the other side of the Hall, Mazda, now a stand-alone challenger freed of the Ford chains, illustrates best how Italians cars should be.

Their newest addition is the Mazda 3, premiered last year and showcased publicly for the first time in Europe. The stage is dynamic and elegant at the same time, and the set of cars make an impressive stand, as the brand does at the markets as well.

Far more reserved, lurking in the corner but still, chased by all the attention: Tesla brought along its Model 3, with half a dozen other cars. These cars (in particular the minivan-like Model X) still amaze me even after thorough test drives.

After 150 years of automotive history, this company could market something that none other offers, showing the car industry how things can be done differently AND better. Ans the Model 3 will bring this innovative crazyness to the masses. Prepared to be amazed... by the blandest interior you ever saw in a 40.000 EUR premium sedan....

The rest of the Hall was populated by Mitsubishi and FUSO, with the national radio RTB taking the far side.

This was a single hall, but unless I want to develop this report into a twelve-part saga, I will have to speed up a bit, otherwise I won't be able to finish the report before next year's show…

Next up will be the stage of Mercedes. As usual I left a bit more photos in my article on egzostive.

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  • I'm just a sucker for those cars with the cut away's so you can see the build and electronics!

      2 years ago
    • There will be more of it in the next posts (Subaru showcases great ones every year). But my absolute favourite was the 60% of a Lexus LC in Frankfurt 2 years ago. And the mechanics were actually moving:...

      Read more
        2 years ago