Showing F1 how good a V6 Engine can sound..

With almost 500Hp/12.000Rpm, the 2.9L V6 engined Alfa 155 DTM is a Legend from its curriculum all the way to its intense soundtrack

Marco Gramenzi´s Alfa Romeo 155 ITC-DTM was one of the last units of this Legendary Italian Touring Car to be used on Hillclimb Racing. Also one where more evolution were performed specs-wise , with its 2.5 litre V6 being developed to produce over 500Hp at a staggering 12.000Rpm.

Adding to all this a specially built Q4 all-wheel drive traction by Alfa, a structure mostly made by carbon fibre resulting in less than 1000Kg of total weight, it all produces an amazingly capable machine with which Gramenzi won several Italian Hillclimb Championships on his class. Right now the car is stopped, while its replacement is the new Alfa Romeo 4C Proto powered by a 460Hp/9.000Rpm Zytek V8 we already featured on our Channel.

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