Showroom Fresh 1993 Ford Mustang GT

When we first heard about this 1993 Ford Mustang GT, we were a little perplexed. Here was a guy in his mid-thirties that was claiming to own a showroom-original 1993 Ford Mustang. Not just original, mind you, he tells us that this GT still had that new car smell. How is that possible? Well, as it turns out this one-owner LX hatchback has been sitting in a storage locker for the last 18 years.

Ray Burk of Claremore, Oklahoma bought the car brand new off the showroom back in 1993 from a dealer in Toledo, OH where he lived. Ray had had his first real job for a few months and passing the dealership everyday he kept seeing this silver LX hatchback, almost as if it was a glistening mermaid, beckoning him to crash upon the sharp rocks just below the surface. In a way, it was exactly that which happened. With his mother’s help, Ray was able to purchase the Mustang for the tidy sum of $15,000, which was a little over $3000 off the sticker price. As it turned out, this particular pony had been sold 3 times before only to be returned within days due to a divorce, financing issues, and a jealous wife who maxed out the would-be buyer’s credit cards. The dealer just wanted rid of this bad penny. When Ray’s father arrived home that evening, it almost went back for a fourth time. We spoke to Ray’s dad at the photo shoot; he told us “To this day, I do not know how I avoided a heart attack that night. I was so mad, I had told him that no 20 year old kid needed a brand new V8 Mustang” Mr. Burk explained, “I had to leave the house to cool off. It took a couple of days before I was ready to even talk to Ray.” Once he realized that his son was serious and intended to keep the car stock, he settled down. The pair have gone on to build a few projects along the way too.

So far, the story seems fairly normal. Ray drove the Mustang for a few months and as he watched his friends tear up their new cars racing, he was growing leery of damaging his first new car. Then came the insurance bills. Living on a minimum wage job and paying for a brand new car and insurance was trickier than it seemed. Ray dropped to basic comprehensive coverage and began storing it in his parents garage. In 1994 he drove the car to Charlotte, NC for the MCA Mustang 35th Anniversary show. On the way home they got caught in a rain storm. That is the only time this car has ever been in the rain. After that, the speedometer read a little over 3900 miles, and from then on, Ray kept it in storage. The car has not been started since.

Today, the Mustang lives in giant sleeping bag made for cars called a car jacket. Before the photo shoot, Ray had not even spent much time with the car, in fact he told us that the shoot was the most time he had been with the car in the last 18 years. We rolled it on and off the trailer without ever starting it. There has not been a battery under the hood since 1994. Ray is extremely proud of his 3980-mile Mustang, the last of the Fox bodies, his first brand new car. It hasn’t rotted in a field or been relegated to hand-me-down status to siblings or children. This Mustang lives the quiet life, tucked away from the door dings and potholes of the world. When all the others have been raced and wrecked and rusted way, this little pony will be here, a pristine example of what used to be.

-Current mileage: 3,980.1
-Purchased new at Brondes Ford, Toledo, OH on December 13th 1993
-Last year of the FOX platform
-90% of the miles came from the trip to Charlotte for the Mustang's 35th anniversary show (the sticker on the windshield)
-Stored in a Car-Jacket bag for several, several years
-Color code YN, one of 344 5.0 LX hatchbacks built in '93
-Every factory available option for '93: Leather interior, power drivers seat, CD player/premuim sound, P/W, P/L, cruise, sunroof, optional 3:27 gears, etc
-Other than oil and filter, it's as it left the factory right down to the air filter, plugs and wires
-It's never been waxed!!!

01. The Mustang is truly perfect; there is not a scratch, dent or ding on the body. It has never been waxed.

02. Inside, the leather looks like it was stitched yesterday. It is hard to imagine, but it really does seem to have that new car smell. It certainly does not smell like most fox-body Mustangs we have been in.

03. 3980, It has not even hit the factory first oil change point.

04. While it may blend in with the other cars in a parking lot, in 20 more years, this will be a cherished classic.

05. We are not sure if the engine bays were this clean on the showroom floor.

06. One of the few pictures of the Mustang on the actual road, Ray took this at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1994. It still has the same tags.

07. The car Jacket keeps the Mustang clean and free from any rodents. The desiccant packs keep the moisture away.

08. This is also the last year of the 5.0 pushrod engine in the Mustang.

09. It is a 5-speed to boot, so this one will be worth some cash as time marches on.

10. This is a really interesting note- the passenger kickpanel has the typical discoloration that most of these cars experienced. No one knows why, but they all turned green

11. You better believe those are the original tires.

12. Where most of the cargo covers have been lost over the years, this one has been rolled up for the last 18.

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