Side of the Road Find: Stalled '35 Dodge Rat Rod Project

11w ago


Just by driving around you can find a Rat Rod for sale along the side of the road. That’s exactly what happened to us over Labor Day weekend 2019 when we came across this unfinished 1935 Dodge Four Door Sedan Rat Rod project halfway between Cornell and Watkins Glen, New York. Unfortunately, the builder of this Rat Rod passed away recently before finishing his car, so his brother-in-law is trying to sell it for his sister. We're currently featuring this stalled project here on the website where you can see all of the pictures and get the details.

We love the Rat Rod movement as it represents a resurgence of when hot rods were built according to the owner’s abilities with the intention of being driven rather than the kit-built fiberglass trailer queens littering the hobby today. We're curious to see where this car winds up and what direction the next caretaker will go with it.

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