Siku Lamborghini Espada

Finally got one for my collection.

7w ago

I'll tell you... I am kicking myself for not picking up an AutoArt Espada when they first came out. It feels like yesterday (to me) that they were available on eBay for hardly a tick over $100. Now they are hovering around 7 Benjamins and fast approaching a grand :/ Quite bonkers how much those have appreciated. The Siku 1:64-ish diecast is almost in the same boat. It's quite hard to find one in minty shape for a bargain. It's a little easier to find one with playwear for a reasonable price, but the hunt is tough. My favorite eBay seller put one up for beans recently and I had to snatch it up. Because, frankly, I love the Espada so much. So, a little playwear does not deter me from admiring this quirky offering from the company of bulls. Maybe I will luck out and find an AutoArt for a good price... nahhhhh.

Photo of the 1:1 image pulled from google image search.

Photo of the 1:1 image pulled from google image search.

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  • I have one but unfortunately it's far from being in mint condition, mainly because my uncle has painted it over as a child and there's a crack in the windshield.

      1 month ago