- A large little model of a big beautiful car. This example and all photos are mine.

Siku V-series 1965 Pontiac Bonneville.

An amazing model with many features.

1y ago

Like the Buick Wildcat I wrote about the yesterday, this Pontiac was made from 1966-71 and is about 1:55 scale. The model number is V262 and it had several variations. Two paint colours were offered: metallic blue, and white. I think the white is rarer, but am not 100% sure. In any event, this model is the centerpiece of my small Siku collection. The Bonneville was available with white, yellow, or orange interiors and with/without a plastic female driver and dog.

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  • This is lovely. And it's reminded me to go looking for an old Siku I know I have - a VW Beetle.

      1 year ago