Sileighty conversion project

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There's tons of 240sx's in Connecticut. Once you hit the ghetto all you see are shitty Civics and shitty Nissans. I'm on the hunt to buy one and convert it to a Sileighty. Yeah, I know, technically it's a Sil-Forty but I figure with the Type-X tallight conversion I can call it a 180SX for all intents and purposes.

Price those out at $600 and it's well worth the investment. If I get cheap, I simply just buy a 180SX badge and call it a day.

That conversion is easy enough. Remove the existing 240sx taillights and install the 180sx taillights. Simple. The hard part is the front end conversion. We're looking at going from pop-up headlights to static headlights. The cars both have a similar body style so they typically fit in just right but I'll need to get help with wiring the new headlights. Combine that with fitting on the front bumper and it's looking like a $1500 job out of the gates.

Something like this runs you about $1500-$2000. Not great condition but it can be restored.

Of course I can't forget about the actual 240sx itself. You can find a shitty one on craigslist for about $1000 but finding a good one that won't immediately break down is the hard part. It's especially hard to find one in the East Haven/West Haven ghettos but hopefully a decent one will come across. It'll be a huge upgrade, going from a 1999 Toyota Camry to one of my dream cars. It'll be worth the investment, hopefully I can tackle the project!

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