Silent, but deadly: Palatov D2EV

    Meet one of the most powerful electric cars to ever exist

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    If you are a fan of Pikes Peak you would know that it permits electric vehicles to race. We've seen cars from Monster Tajima's E-Runner to Volkswagen's I.D. R, but among the ranks comes this; the Palatov Motorsport D2EV.

    Palatov is not a new name to racing altogether, with his space frame chassis machines racing in series all over the world including Pikes Peak. One of his earlier projects was the Palatov DP1E, an electric car using an 80BHP motor on a space frame chassis speeding the car to 60 in around 4 seconds. The next evolution was this, the D2EV.

    Cascadia aided in the creation of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

    Cascadia aided in the creation of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

    Nitty Gritty

    Another D2EV, made specifically for PRI 2019

    Another D2EV, made specifically for PRI 2019

    In collaboration with Cascadia Motion, the same people who created the Cobra Jet 1400, they created the D2EV. Using the same chassis and body from the normal Palatov D2, they fitted Cascadia's DS-250-115 dual stack motor at the rear making 900 BHP at peak power. At the front Palatov fitted a smaller Cascadia SS-250-115, making 400BHP at peak power making a combined 1338BHP and making around 800BHP per tonne, more than a Bugatti Veyron. Alongside the motors we have Cascadia's PM250DZR's, race-spec inverters which trade some lifespan to push the car further and allow the car to run at 840 volts, higher than the Porsche Taycan. All that power constitutes into a 0-60 time of roughly 2 seconds.

    The Layout of the D2EV.

    The Layout of the D2EV.

    to control everything in the car, the D2EV uses an AEM EV VCU300, a brand new VCU made specifically for EV conversions and to power the motors is a 78 kWh battery custom-made by EVDrive, which is liquid cooled might I add. All this power makes the D2EV weigh in at around 1500kgs, around the same as a NASCAR Cup Series vehicle.

    Pikes Peak and Bonneville


    With the car all ready to go, Pikes Peak regular Greg Tracy pilots the D2EV to a time of 9 minutes and 55 seconds, taking second place in the Unlimited class and 9th overall. An amazing feat for an EV. Another amazing thing about the D2EV is that the car only lost minimal battery life as well. Once Pikes Peak was over, Palatov set up the D2EV to go for a run at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats where it clocked 197mph on somewhat slushy ground.


    Another big thing is that every single part used in the build is available to buy! While it costs a pretty penny to get, this leads the way for more high performance EV builds. Hell, some motors here even allow the possibility of adding a manual transmission as the torque isn't as high compared to a Tesla Drive Unit. With companies like Roadster Shop, Schwartz Performance and Factory Five offering chassis and car kits for sale, you could even make an EV race car and with Motorsport UK creating new guidelines for EV's it could bring in a new wave of electric racing. As both a petrolhead and electrohead, I'm totally stoked to see this.

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    • SBD... used to refer to a particularly insidious fart. I suppose I should be impressed? I'm far more impressed when someone such as Alex Issigonis could wipe out a whole genre of useless, crappy microcars in one sweep, by coming up with the original Mini. A small, inexpensive, yet practical solution to put wheels under the ordinary working adult. The Fiat 500, the proper one, did the same, as did the 2CV and the Trabant. In this new era, we have yet to see a totally novel way to get electricity to power us around in our small family groups, that doesn't take a mortgage to pay for it. The Chinese have made some fair attempts, but they're all a bit 'meh'. If these designers could make something such as I have described, I'd be as astonished as they'd be deserving

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