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I’m pretty convinced the custom electric scene is about to bust wide open. The stories you read here will be about pros and amateurs trying to make electric bikes that are cooler and faster and more interesting than anything we've seen yet.


- curious about the future of motoring,

- interested in beautiful,

- interested in fast,

- hoping the world's best pro builders try electric.

We’re focused on custom electric motorcycles from all over the world, with an emphasis on two types of builders:

- Part-time amateur builders

- Pro builders trying electric for the first time

I’m pretty convinced the custom electric scene is about to bust wide open. If you’re up for being a part of that, come on in!

Matt Candler

I’m a native of the first group, and have been lurking around the second for the last year or two. And after what must have been a clerical error, my Leafy Savage was the first custom electric ever at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, TX, a unique event that embraces pro and amateur builders. Ever since, I’ve met pro builders who are really curious about electrics but don’t want to be caught talking about them, at least not yet.

Here are some things we’ll cover:

Accessible, attractive build stories from amateurs and pros
The big players in the custom scene - BikeExif, Pipeburn, Dropmoto - showcase amazing builds, but they don’t really empower people to get building on their own. In fact, they mostly intimidate me when I read them. On the other hand, hobbyist build threads, mine included, are dense, too hard to digest and don't translate to social well. What if we struck a balance of great imagery - photos and video of builders, the build process, and where they end up - with just enough detail about the tech and the process to get people more curious about riding and building electric motorcycles?

Pro builder confessionals
I’m really excited to get pro builders to talk about what its like to struggle with electric. Many know the tech’s there, but they don’t know if the market is, so many just stick to gas bikes. I dig gas bikes, too, but I want to create a space for pros to tell the behind the scenes stories of getting into electrics. There are some really amazing pros out there in this process right now, and I hope we can get their stories out there.

Stuff for your own custom electric
We’ll point you to the tools you need to get on with trying a custom of your own, whether you’re modding a factory electric or starting from scratch.

Let’s get it going.


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