Silverstone - Dulce Periculum.

Silverstone 2019 was a memorable race. Some for the better, and some for the worse. The 10th GP of the season was the best so far and heres why.

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Hamilton-Bottas axle & Lecterc-Verstappen axle

This race was mostly notable for 2 duels that marked this season. The extent to which tensions rised last sunday defined what was this season all about, in case anyone had a doubt. Hamilton and Bottas started their duel on lap 5 and managed to keep it fascinating all the way to the end. Both drivers were phenomenal and Hamilton who started 2nd in the grid managed to get first by lap 17 and keeping this position, even after pitting just 5 laps after. Bottas showed that he is motivated through the whole race, chasing his teammate while driving tremendously. This is one axle of the season, and although much is being said about Mercedes's domination - Hamilton & Bottas demonstrate sportsmanship rivalry and driving.

The second axle is defined by the two notable young talents - Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc. While the Dutch is leading with 136 points over Leclerc's 120 - the Monégasque driver fails from disappointing. He managed to guard his position extremely well during the race and showed what world champions are made of. Verstappen kept his pace brilliantly and could easily finish 3rd if Vettel had not hit him on lap 38. This bizzare incident ended the day for Vettel and speculations are at peak concerning his career next season. The German has an extremely difficult season this year and this collision may affect him deeply. Pierre Gasley was at his best in Silverstone and needs to be credited too for his fantastic driving and 4th position.

Verstappen & Vettel collide

Verstappen & Vettel collide

Haas's catastrophe

Teams' successes are inevitably ambivalent. All teams are used to succeed with only one driver in most races. After watching Magnussen & Grosjean colliding with each other at the very beginning of the race, it is clear that the problem with Haas is much bigger. The team started the season quite well, but during the last 3 races showed miserable driving that resulted so far in 9th place as a constructor. Harsh measures and decisions should be taken before starting the next season, since tensions are rising between the drivers and Steiner. I truly believe that Grosjean needs to be replaced for the team's sake, although also his Dane teammate is far from being at his best.

The 'Mid Grid' gang

Places 5th to 12th performed well in this British GP and delievered some action as well. Raikkonen finished 8th and scored points for the 3rd time in a row this season. This is rather impressive and makes me feel that he is far from being tired, even in next year's season when he will celebrate his 19th year in F1. This is of course far from being significant for him, since Raikkonen is never festive about his milestones. Lets just not forget that he even raced along Verstappen's father (last time in 2003).

Norris failed from scoring points, even though he started 8th but Sainz drove excellent and finished 6th. Mclaren is now 4th and I expect some great performances from these highly motivated drivers in the upcoming races. Giovinazzi finished the race with just 20 laps behind him, after skiding sideways as a result of a turning mistake. Hulkenberg and Stroll had a very mediocre race, and the Williamses are probably less disappointed for not finishing last since Perez & Vettel managed to close the grid instead this time.

Some technicalities - good & bad

BAD: Lets be honest - this GP was the most terrible of all in terms of camera directing. I had an extremely hard time figuring out what had happened regardless of Hamilton-Bottas & Leclerc-Verstappen. For some reason, it seemed that the director of the shooting totally forgot about the other drivers. While writing this article I needed to use many different tools from various internet pages to analyze what had happened, since no coverage of many drivers had been broadcasted or uploaded later. By the way, one of the best tools for the job is F1 Visualized - a page that I wanted to mention for a long time now. We all love these duels, but many interesting things happen away from it as well that were missed.

GOOD: This GP had the fastest pitstop of the season, and certainley one of the fastest ever. 1.9 seconds - Thats all it took for Red Bull to pit Gasley and make the fastest, most harmonical pitstop. Red Bull took the title from Williams, who managed to pit Kubica in exactly 2.0 seconds during the Canadian GP.

Once again - its Hamilton!

By winning his home race of the season for the 6th time, Hamilton beat the all time record of winnings in Silverstone - the oldest GP in F1 and the first one ever. This comes right after he managed to post the fastest lap of the race, even with terrible tyres conditions. Lewis Hamilton paves his way for beating Schumacher's all time record of 7 world championships slowly but surely, having 11 races left to finish on the podium and marking his 6th championship. Much is being said about the Brit who tend to occupy himself with fashion and a lifestyle of a playboy, but his talent is undoubtable and no matter which criticism he gets, he is a legend of this sport and records are meant to be broken. Even Schumacher's. By the way, I highly recommend watching this 'Hot Lap' video of Hamilton and Sir Frank Williams having a blast with a S Class 63 AMG.

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