Silverstone will replace Lydden Hill 2018

2y ago


Unfortunately the contract with Kent based track Lydden Hill in coming to an end, and Silverstone, which is arguably the most known and popular race track in the UK has been to confirmed to be replacing it! This is somewhat tragic as many will tell you that Lydden Hill was where Rallycross was formed, so to see it being removed from the championship is sad indeed.

“We have been in talks internally at IMG for some time about creating a large scale motorsport festival weekend and we are delighted that Silverstone is able to share our vision for the future.”

Paul Bellamy, World RX Managing Director at IMG

However lets not dwell on the negatives here, instead let's look at how this only shows the rising popularity of the sport, as more of the worlds biggest race tracks are getting involved. Viva La Rallycross!



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