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So yeah, the white s14 you see up there? That used to be this one.

One of our more known cars was this s14 from Peer, a good friend of mine. Recently he decided his current looks where too old. He needed something new. So he decided to change the bodycolor and also some exterior parts.

It is far from done, but we are heading the right direction.

What do you think of the color of the rims and mirrors? Let us know!


So that's one of the 2. We also have the S15! Maybe you know the girl (!!) driver from one of her earlier cars.

Yeah, that's correct. She had a s15 1jz and currently still has the 350z widebody!

So yeah, on with the next thing. The new s15! As an extra project she bought a s15 in japan. Only thing, it was a spec s. So a sr20DE (WITHOUT THE T!!!), and that's a show stopper of course.

And how do we solve that?

Swap it of course!!

And no, not with an 1jz or an LS engine. But with an sr20det engine. So ongoing posts will be about this build and others we are doing. (one sneak peak, it includes an datsun + an R34 GTR engine) Underneath some pictures of the swap, and of the awesome Koyorad radiator build in :) Keeping it extra cool!

More will come!

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