Sim Racing Girl & The Red Bull Racing Simulator

1y ago


Finding myself in the sim racing room, unprepared, knowing it was going to be the trickiest sim i was ever going to try. The F1 simulator which is used by F1 pilots Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo to improve their lap times, is by far the most realistic sim.

The motion platform, 180 degrees view, the direct drive, pedals, even the wind simulator were all contributing to the realistic feel of racing and made it by far the most immersive experience of driving a F1 car.

While concentrating on the trickiness of the sim during my first laps on the Red Bull Ring, i got the hang of it and understood the mechanics of the car/sim. Having an engineer in between sessions, giving me pointers, tips and advice pushed me more in the direction of a better pace and gave me better lap times with each session. The sim software, which is comparable to Rfactor 2, is not an easy one. But easy doesn’t equal unmanageable in my opinion. Once i understood the physics of the sim software, it felt more natural and my driving got more consistent.

I ended up with a lap time of 1:10:100 (with a default setup) which is 6 second of Max his real life qualifying time.



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