Simple Question Saturday: Is Diesel Dead?

If the headlines are to be believed, car buyers are dumping diesel in their droves. But is that really true?

2y ago

It doesn't seem that long ago that, in Europe at least, the official line from various governments, environmental lobbies, and motoring organisations was that diesel fuel was the best thing since Mr. Bernard Hovis looked his loaf of bread and a big knife and dared to dream.

In a short space of time though, owning a car that drinks its fill from the black pump has come to be portrayed as only slightly less socially unacceptable than owning a punchbag full of puppies. Since it emerged that Volkswagen were cheating on their homework in 2015, the compression ignition revolution has come to a clattering halt.

Or at least so 'they' say. The fact of the matter is, that regardless of its environmental drawbacks, diesel remains the only viable option for millions of high-mileage drivers, haulage firms and fleet users alike. The latest generation of petrol hybrids are doubtless very impressive, but in real-world conditions diesel vehicles are still proving cheaper to run. Fully electric cars are coming on well too, but until they can be fully charged in the same time, in as many places and at less cost, EV's are still useless for many.

So, for this weeks SQS, I simply want to know...

*I may have made Bernard Hovis up.

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  • In terms of efficiency and costs I would surely buy a diesel, they also aren't very pollutant in long distance but rather short ones since the engine didn't fully heat up, there's also the extreme engine ECU reprogamations with a lot of smoke which is innefficiency.

    Besides the most further travelling inexistent EV is 999km, the longest travelling diesel can travel up to 1.800km without stopping and quicker to refuel too, guess the government only removes or changes things when they see they aren't rentable enough.

      2 years ago