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Okay. So you all know how this goes by now. I ask a simple question, you guys vote in the poll and fight your corner in the comments, and then at the end we end up with a winner!

So after last week's clear victory for the Ferrari F40 as the greatest old school supercar. This week's question is even more basic, but might be even more divisive...

Which is the greatest 4x4. The Land Rover Defender or The Toyota Land Cruiser?

For the avoidance of doubt I am including all versions of the Land Rover from the 1948 Series I to the 2018 Works V8. As well as all Land Cruisers from the 1950 BJ model to the present day J200. I'm leaving out other models as these two were the first commercially available after the original Willys Jeep and have had the longest lives.

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  • Range Rover Classic perhaps? All the off-road capabilities of a Defender, but way easier to live with, especially the 300tdi ones. Roomy inside, tough as hell and the 300tdi does 30mpg. However the V8 ones are more fun. Discovery‚Äôs are also a contender.

    21 days ago
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  • i`m sure in other parts of the world a Land Rover is popular. but in the land of Oz the Landcruiser is King.

    21 days ago
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