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Welcome to our first tribe

First of all I'd like to welcome you to our new tribe and thank you fir stopping by. Our mission for this tribe is to share part of our e-sports team with you.

SimplyFunky is an e-sports drift team from the Forza Motorsport franchise, were well known for our time during the 4th instalment of the game, where we competed in the top flight drifting e-sports competitions of the time (Forza Motorsport Drift League aka FMDL & Virtual Drift League). shortly after that the gaming world gave birth to a new generation of consoles, which lead to some of our members not upgrading to the next gen and with the decrease in popularity of the Forza forums and the subsequent ending of the FMDL series this lead to us all becoming a bit un-interested.

But now were back! with other means of keeping in touch with the community that was lost the energy has been returned within the team, but we need so new members, which is our current objective.

About the tribe, were hoping to make this a place to share what were doing with not just other gamers but across a whole world of car enthusiast to show you what were up to in the digital world. We'll be looking to post screenshot and videos where we can and write about any exciting developments with in the team.

We'll also be using this as a hub to keep you uptown date with how the team is doing in any competitions and any competitions the members of the team participate in. Theres a new season ESDA the premier drifting esports competition and we have a few members wanting to be a part of that which were looking forwards to.

For more information on ESDA you can head to esportsdrift.com

You can also follow the team on twitter @SimplyFunky_FNK

And thank you for reading.

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