Singapore is the greatest track on the F1 calendar

Looking in to the perks of Singapore's Marina Bay Street Circuit will surely show why it is the best.

3y ago

I love the diversity of the F1 calendar. Tracks have combos of hairpins and chicanes. Of course there are tracks I like, but none really stand out like Singapore. Singapore is a curve ball thrown into the season, that demands fast acceleration and high downforce.

First, its the location. The track is dropped right into the heart of the city. It speeds past tall buildings and under bridges. It even famously flows right under a spectator stand. International spectators can use there hotel rooms as viewing spots, such as the beautiful Marina Bay Sands Hotel that towers the track. Situated on the marina bay, the track partly sits on artificial land, a lot like many other parts of Singapore. The race is held at night, actually being the first night race in Formula 1 on the 28th of September, 2008. Being at night, the race track is lit using 1600 custom made, flood lights that are 4 times more brighter then a football stadiums.

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer

Unlike other tracks on the calendar, the Singapore track rewards skill over car performance, as it is no longer about straight line speed, but rather keeping momentum through the corners. A light kiss with an unforgiving concrete barrier can be a race ending mistake for drivers. The track is also tight. Elements of Monaco and the fast final fast chicane of Montreal can be seen, all in this track. The teams setups are dramatically changed from the other tracks. Setups that would not be commonly used the season are now needed.

This is for me the best circuit. It gives spectators an awesome night and should be an interesting race with the new 2017 cars. This track isn't normal, and thats what I love about it.

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