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Singhania, Ebrahim confirmed to represent India in FIA WMSC, further 17 elected

After Force India boss and the country's representative Vijay Mallya stepped down from his role in the FIA World Motor Sport Council earlier in July, the country had no one to represent in the governing body's council.

The Federation of Motor Sports of India (FMSCI) unanimously nominated Indian businessman and a gentleman racer Gautam Singhania as the country's next representative, with the current FMSCI president Akbar Ebrahim taking the Deputy role.

The election of both Singhania and Ebrahim was made on Friday in Paris during the annual General Assembly, where Jean Todt was also re-elected as the FIA president for his third and final term.

The two Indians are not the only one's in the council with as many as 17 nominated members from the 20 named, were put into various FIA commissions, which ensures that India has a good strength in the FIA.

The Raymond boss was among the 14 elected from 22 nominees from around the world in Paris, with the Indian getting 82 votes in favour of him. "I am elated and excited to be elected like this. It's a privilege and honour for me and I will do my best," he said.

"I thank the members of the FMSCI for their support. I am a driver and an enthusiast so I understand the issues that need to be addressed."

Ebrahim added: "I am really glad that Gautam Singhania has been elected. It gives us great satisfaction to note that an Indian will be a board member of the FIA World Motor Sports Council.

"I would like to thank Jean Todt, President FIA, and all the FIA General Assembly members for all the support extended to India, the FMSCI and to Gautam Singhania.

"It is also a matter of pride that 17 of our nominated members have been co-opted in various FIA Sporting Commissions. This is the highest Indian representation in the FIA till date."

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