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A space for female overlanders and off-roaders

4y ago

Join our tribe! In the seemingly male dominated arena of DRIVETRIBE, Women On The Road is a space for female adventure overlanders to stick it to the man! If you are a feminist (that includes men) and travel overland by car, 4x4, truck or motorbike we want to hear your stories, see you photographs and be in awe of your films! We want our tribe to be an inspiration to other women and to encourage them to hit the road on their own vehicle related travel adventure!

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  • Present ! =:-]

    Have my own #elektrogirl tribe but happy to share and find stories here too.

    Overlander on motorcycles, each time with 2 girls and 2 motorcycles, 7 months each time: 1999 (Belgium-Turkey-Iran-accident in Pakistan), 2002 (Belgium-Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-Indian Himalaya, return), 2007 (Belgium-Turkey-Iran-Central-Asia, Oman, Yemen). Then by myself: 2015 (Belgium-Istanbul, return, + first long distance on this side of the ocean on an electric motorcycle).

      4 years ago