Sitting in the Ford GT

- I was allowed to sit in a new Ford GT for the first time at the Detroit Motorshow (NAIAS). I managed to take a few photos while I was in the driver's seat and thought I'd share them here.
- Still my favourite view of the new Ford GT (don't let anyone tell you it looks like a pig from Angry Birds).
- A better look at the carbonfibre wheels.
- The steering wheel is packed with buttons, but the overall diameter feels quite small. This was quite a dark interior, with lots of naked carbon, but it will be interesting to see other, brighter colour schemes.
- Three modes are accessed by this small rotary switch - a normal mode, a wet mode and V (velocity?) mode. On the other side this is mirrored by a windscreen wiper speed selector. Underneath each one are the indicator buttons.
- Paddles are large but almost more fresh air than metal in their construction. The slats might look a bit cheese grater, but feel nice to hold.
- Between the seats is the gearbox selector. Just ahead of this is another column of buttons...
- With all the aero capability, it will be interesting to see what happens when you turn the stability and traction control off. The button below looks as though it will soften the dampers (like a Ferrari's bumpy road setting).
- Climate control adjusters.
- Patriotic badge.
- It's certainly cosy inside, with driver and passenger very much shoulder-to-shoulder as in a McLaren P1. This narrow cockpit obviously helps flow the air through those huge rear channels.
- The lights are a large part of what connects it stylistically with its forebears.
- Love the ring doughnut rear lights.
- When the rear wing is raised it looks more like the...
- ...race car.
- This is the car that won the GTE Pro category at Le Mans in 2016.
- As is tradition with these things, it will remain encrusted with the grime from racing twice round the clock.
- Of course as lovely as it is looking at these cars and sitting in them, what we really want do now is drive one. Soon, hopefully. Soon...

What we really want to do is drive it, but at least this is another small step towards that day...

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Comments (21)

  • Interior looks worst than a ford fiesta!

      4 years ago
  • interior plastics look really cheap.... obviously taken the steering wheel button's idea from ferrari but added loads more!!

      4 years ago
  • steering wheel need's more button's... said no one!!

      4 years ago
  • Looking at the interior, the use of plastics is disappointingly Ford. Doesn't look the value it costs on that basis. On the outside, it looks worth every penny.

      4 years ago
  • Every time I see the race my eye is drawn to the rear quarters, mmmmmm floating c-pillars

      4 years ago