Six of the coolest pickup trucks the world has ever seen

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Here at DT towers, we have a soft spot for pickups. They just posses a mass of cool factor that’s sorely missing from pretty much all SUVs since the dawn of mankind.

Now, when selecting trucks for such a list, one has to remain objective. Take the Ford Raptor and Dodge Ram SRT/10 for example, both are very fast trucks, but they are somewhat obvious choices that would defeat the 'cool' criteria requirement of this list. As after all, not everything that's fast is ultimately cool.

Instead, I have selected trucks based on their uber cool factor, rarity and that they give us all of the want and more.

Landrover Defender 110 Pickup

What’s cooler than a Landie Defender 110? A thoroughly ‘go-anywhere’ specced pickup version that’s what.

OK, so there is a substantial loss of space with the pickup version, but it just has that little bit more cool factor than the full-bodied version purely because of the way it looks.

BMW M3 Ute

OK, we know this one was never actually a production model, as it was purely an April fool’s joke where the BMW engineers actually went ahead and built the thing.

Based on the convertible model that's been attacked by a hacksaw, it still boasts that 4.0-litre V8 engine good for 414bhp. It also has a proper manual gearbox with all the power going to that now very light back end making for a near death/maximum hoonage experience.

Datsun (Nissan) Sunny GB121

The Datsun Sunny GB121 may not look like a world beater when thinking of cool trucks due to a complete lack of power and or fury from the factory.

There is one reason why it makes this list though, cool factor. Proving that not all small trucks are built equally, the GB121 has a classic JDM look about it that was vastly underappreciated back in the late 1980s. Nowadays, most examples are in the hands of enthusiasts who tastefully modify them adding to the uber cool factor level.

GMC Syclone

When the GMC Syclone was introduced in the early 1990s, it was the fastest production pickup in the world. Boasting a 4.3-litre turbocharged V6 engine producing 280 hp and 350lb-ft of torque, it could sprint to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds which was faster than a number of notable supercars from the decade that came before.

Vauxhall VXR8 Maloo

No list of pickup trucks would be complete with the Vauxhall VXR8 Maloo. We may well have stolen it from Australia while giving it a new name, but with that burbling supercharged V8 motor up front can you blame us - no, I think not.

The 6.2-litre motor produces 537bhp and 671Nm of torque giving the Maloo a 0-62mph dash time of just 4.6 seconds. Find enough tarmac, and it can hit 155mph officially making it the world’s fastest commercial vehicle.

Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6

Dubbed by Mercedes as “The automotive declaration of independence” the G63 AMG 6x6 is everything that’s wrong with a world obsessed with quick money and instant fame. But, we just don’t care about that as its got six-wheel drive which instantly makes it cool.

Produced on a limited basis costing some £370,000 when new, it is the most opulently elegant, leather-trimmed way to hunt poor people in rough terrain. Boasting a 536bhp twin-turbo V8 motor while measuring in at some 5.8-metres long and well over 2-metres in width, weighing in at some 3775kg dry meaning you won't go unnoticed.

Which of these pickup trucks gets your vote? Or have we got it hopelessly wrong? Get in on the comments and let us know.

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