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Explaining the process to convert a hand drawn sketch into an Adobe Photoshop digital render.


This is arguably the most important part of the design process. This is where the overall form is created, and details are defined. Now being sketched by hand, there will most likely be distortions in perspective, but this is easily corrected once scanned in. Seeing as though cars are typically symmetrical, once the sketch is scanned in, flip the sketch.

Original sketch.

Flipping the sketch to pick up on perspective and symmetry issues.

One of the areas I picked up some distortion was the area around the front grille and the bonnet vents.


Watching the video above, you should be able to pick up my general workflow. With the exception of the wheels, which were 3D modelled and subseqently rendered up in a program called Keyshot. The bodywork and environment has no strictly defined process. It's more of a case of "feeling it out", and experimenting with what works and what doesn't. There are several ways to render up a car, so I find it's a good idea to mess around and see what type of lighting and reflections suit the design best.


When it comes to colour, it's generally a good idea to use something synonymous with the brand. Hence the Lotus render using shades of British Racing Green and Gold/Yellow tones. Using pearlescent paint schemes will likely be better suited to a TVR design than a Lotus, because that is what their brand is renowned for using, just like red Ferraris and Yellow Lambos.


This specific render has a lot of "looseness" and messiness to it, as an attempt to make it more vibrant and exciting to look at. I find this style is best executed with a drawing tablet, as fluid freehand lines are near-impossible to create with a mouse.

Let me know your thoughts on the process, and my design.

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  • Matt, all your recent posts are regularly featured in hobbies. That's cool! I can also understand why.

    Nicely done sketch!

    2 months ago
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  • Looks futuristic. Love the design!

    2 months ago
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