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At age 35, Candide Thovex is already a legend in the world of sports. His show-piece discipline is freeriding – skiing on natural, off-piste terrain.

3y ago

As part of a collaboration with Audi, in recent months the native of France has been searching the world for spectacular new places to ski. And if you think that means wintry, snow-covered surroundings, you’re in for a surprise.

In 2015, the partnership with Audi gave him a chance to show off his mastery – in an Audi quattro clip that went viral, Thovex skis down an alpine grass slope, jumps over roads, races through a paved tunnel with sparks flying from his skis, manoeuvres around a herd of dairy cows, and finishes the ride with a perfect landing in the luggage compartment of an Audi Q7.

Now he’s continuing his work with Audi – and the results this time are no less sensational. Reunited with the Audi Q7, Thovex scoured the globe on a search for the right spots where he would attempt to conquer the most unconventional of slopes on his specially designed freeride skis. The crew steered clear of the well-known winter sports settings and focused on locations where there is no snow, in Europe, America and Asia. And Candide Thovex, of course, remained undaunted by the conditions they found, which were not exactly what anyone would call ideal for skiing.

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