The think-tank at SKODA's research department prides itself in pushing the envelope by adding value to existing technology. Take the all-wheel drive for example. While this is fairly common in vehicles, SKODA has taken it several notches ahead.

The SKODA all-wheel drive is basically a smart vehicle with a superior IQ that provides great stability under various driving conditions.

In normal conditions, the system drives like a regular front-wheeler. But when there is the smallest change in road conditions, the electro-hydraulic clutch handles it in milliseconds - the moment the car senses snow, mud or ice, it transforms into a 4X4 without you noticing it.

Good Traction?

On a dry road, or normal conditions, most of the power goes to the front wheels.

Slippery Road?

When the road is slippery, the smart electro-hydraulic clutch control will distribute torque between all wheels in a matter of a millisecond.

No grip under front wheels?

No problem. The drivetrain lets you handle these tricky situations as 90% of the torque will flow to the rear wheels.

Bad grip for front wheels and left rear wheel?

Don't worry, your SKODA has it under control by sending up to 85% of torque to just one wheel.

If you are looking for a combination of power, space and security, look no further than a SKODA 4X4. You can enjoy the benefits all-year round. What's more, you can get off the beaten track whenever and wherever. Go up hills and through rivers - make your own path.

The new generation 4X4 system is intelligent enough to sense the conditions under each wheel and transfer power or automatically apply brakes whenever needed. The 4x4 drive is provided by an inter-axle electronically-controlled multi-plate clutch. The coupling of the rear axle is automatic, so under normal conditions the car can utilise the advantages of front-wheel drive, and under extreme conditions the excellent traction of the 4x4 drive.

To sum it up, a SKODA 4X4 is a vehicle that will adapt to the conditions. It is civilised on roads and a beast of them.

Know More: www.skoda-auto.co.in/models/kodiaq/kodiaq/kodiaq-power

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