Skoda axes Citigo - confirms there will be no replacements

The company has announced the dropping of the Citigo car, and has confirmed that no replacements will be made.

"What's the reason for this?" you may be asking. Well, according to Skoda's global sales and marketing chief Alain Favey, the car was dropped because the company wanted to focus on more profitable sectors and also wanted to invest in electrification.

Last year, Skoda stopped producing Citigos with internal-combustion engines, and replaced them with electric versions called Citigo-e iV, which sold out quickly in the UK. They are still available for purchase on the company's UK website.

This announcement comes after Skoda has revealed their latest car - an EV called the Enyaq which was built on VW’s MEB platform. This, combined with the upcoming release of an Octavia PHEV, demonstrates that the company is becoming increasingly interested in the electrification of vehicles.

Favey has also stated that Skoda has no plans to create electrified versions of their smaller models for the foreseeable future, as putting such complex technology in a small cars would make them unattainable for customers.

However, there is a possibility that with the development of Volkswagen's ID.1 small electric car, Skoda will follow in the latter's footsteps and develop their own variant.

I am impressed that the EV version of the Citigo sold out in the UK, considering that its starting price was £17,000, which is a lot for a car the size of a shed. Still, I think that one day we will get an affordable and small electric car, and that day will be the beginning of a new era for motoring.

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Comments (2)

  • I wish we got the vw Up! Here. I like Skoda’s but doubt VW group will ever bring it here. Interesting how it’s pronounced differently by different people in Europe.

      13 days ago
  • A pity - especially if one thinks about the trend behind this. What will be next - they discontinue the Fabia because it's not worth producing in EV form?

      13 days ago