- And no that number plate isn't trying to say 'Senna'

Skoda drops off its new Enyaq iV at the EV party and it's turning some heads

It's pretty cheap and luxurious too

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Skoda has added another car to the EV batting team and it's a big hitter. The all new Enyaq iV is an affordable SUV EV and I bet you secretly want one.

This all-electric Skoda SUV comes with two different battery sizes; a 62kWh option and a 82kWh option, but I suspect most will go for the higher wattage.

With this bigger battery, you can expect up to 316 miles of range which in the real world will probably be less but still good enough to put it up against other EVs in its category. But with the use of DC rapid charging, owners will be able to get from 10 to 80% battery in just 38 mins. A

This all new Skoda EV will be available to order in the UK from late 2020. Deliveries will commence in the first half of 2021 and prices will start at £33,450 which is similar to that of the Tesla Model 3 and this interior looks far better.

Would you be interested in the Skoda Enyaq iV (if you'd excuse the weird name)

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Comments (28)

  • I like him, I would buy him, the only thing I don't like is maybe they could add more lines in the trunk, just like I wrote in my post

      24 days ago
  • I wish Skoda made a V8 Powered, RWD Superb VRS

      23 days ago
  • Give me the new Dacia Duster and something cool (second-hand) for a weekend instead.

      22 days ago
  • The starting price isn't bad but soon you'll realize that the shiny new mid-sized Skoda costs £50,000 at the top end. I dunno, sounds weird and wrong to me.

      24 days ago
  • Not a fan of the illuminated grille.

      24 days ago
    • Rolls Royce do it too so....

        24 days ago
    • Yeah but that's different. Rolls Royce cars are supposed to look flashy. This is just an average SUV. Will.i.am is never gonna use it.

        24 days ago