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Knowing your SKODA is good for you and your SKODA.

3y ago

Your SKODA is an integral part of your life. You use it to travel to work, take your family out and generally rely on it to get you from Point A to Point B comfortably, efficiently and safely.

But the SKODA is eventually a machine and it needs be taken care of in the form of regular maintenance and service.

One of the most important parts of your SKODA is the braking system. And it is also one of the most stressed components in a car. That’s because the brakes are the most used parts in your car. Just think about how many times in a drive you use them.

During hard braking at high speeds, the braking system converts the kinetic motion of the car into heat – which is enough to heat up a litre of water within a second! So, it is completely natural for brake pads to be subject to high degrees of wear and tear. Therefore, it makes sense for the brake pads to be checked during every service and replaced if necessary.

Disc brake pads usually have a piece of metal on them called a ‘wear indicator’. When enough of the friction material is worn away, the wear indicator will make contact with the discs and make a squealing sound – this is an indication that the car needs new brake pads!

Another important aspect of brake care is to keep the caliper clean and well lubricated – so the brake pad can move cleanly and not stick to the rotor.

The brake fluid is another integral part of the braking system. Bad brake fluids can adversely affect your ABS Hydraulic cum Electronic Control Unit. Ideally, the brake fluid absorbs the air humidity and should be replaced every 2 years. Components like the brake pads and rotors and fluid wear with age. What happens is that water in the fluid turns to steam when the brakes heat up making the brake pedal spongy.

Remember that brakes need to be checked not for just your safety but everybody’s safety on the road. So, get the brakes in your SKODA checked regularly so every drive can be a safe drive.

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  • I have a Skoda rapid ambition 2012 model and traveled 1lakh km. In this term of 5.5yrs. No mechanic other than service center once in 6 months for checkup and general service once year touched my car. Highest speed 200 kmph touched. Really I love Skoda and it's performance. I am very proud of being a Skoda owner and it still gives me mileage of 18kmpl. Ground clearance needs to be improved in rapid for better performance. Pickup of the car is really awesome no match I this segment. Only right right person to ride it like a pilot.

      3 years ago
  • Bezt

      3 years ago