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Your Skoda will take care of you for a long time, all you have to do is spend a little time every year taking care of it - by regularly sending it for service and maintenance.

Before we move to the cluster panel, let’s look at the importance of color coding of the indicators. Always remember that operational faults are shown through these symbols. Red means danger, you should never drive your car if you see any indicators with red color. Yellow means warning, you should get your car checked at the authorised SKODA Service centre as soon as possible and Blue means just basic indicators.

The Cluster Panel is divided into 7 parts.

A) Lights and Indicators. A warning light will come on when the fog lights are switched on.

There are also indications when the main beam is on and there are warning lights for bulb failure, open boot lid, unlocked bonnet, open door/doors and low-level of windshield fluid.

b) Engine Management. A warning light comes on when the engine oil level is too low or if the oil pressure is low. Stop the vehicle and switch the engine off. If the light does not go off, don't start the vehicle- call the service centre immediately.

If the Electronic Power Control light does not go off a few seconds after the ignition is switched on, there is a fault in your engine control system. If the engine is cold, the indicator light is illuminated when the ignition is switched on. A warning light also comes on if there is a fault in the exhaust relevant component.

In all the above situations, the engine management system selects an emergency program and the vehicle can be gently driven to the nearest Skoda centre.

If the coolant level temperature warning light does not go out, it means the temperature is not appropriate.

If the battery light does not go off after starting, drive to the nearest Skoda Service centre.

C) Fuel and Exhaust

If the fuel lamp illuminates, there is too much water in the separator. If the fuel reserve lamp is switched on, there is very little fuel and you need to add fuel immediately.

D) Steering

If the yellow indicator is on, this is an indication of a malfunctioning power steering. If the red indicator lights up, this is a sign of malfunctioning power steering and a failed steering assist feature.

E) Brake System

The indicator lights if the brake fluid level is too low or if there is a fault with the ABS. The handbrake comes on if the handbrake is applied. The system is also not functioning properly if the ABS warning light does not go out after switching on the ignition.

F) Gear Box

If the temperature of the clutches, for the automatic gearbox is too high, the symbol and warning are shown. You will hear a warning signal when the gearbox is overheated.

G) Safety.

A seat-belt safety light comes on as a reminder to fasten the seat-belt. It goes off only when the belt is fastened. An indicator light comes on when the speed regulating system is running. You can activate or deactivate this function.

If the airbag warning light does not go off after the ignition is switched on, there is a fault in the airbag system.

The Traction Control System light comes on when the Stability Control is deactivated. The tire pressure lamp lights up if there if there is a substantial drop in inflation pressure in one of the tires.


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