- SKODA Cowl

A SKODA is one of the most perfectly engineered cars in the world but perfection too requires upkeep, which is why you should get it serviced at regular intervals - to ensure that it performs like the way it is designed to perform.

There is more to servicing a car than just giving it wash and a scrub. Internal maintenance of the car is as important as taking care of the exteriors.

One of the most important parts of a car that has to be serviced is the cowl of the car.

What is a cowl, you may well ask?

The cowl is where the hood and windshield meet under the wipers. After heavy rains or after a very wet car wash, have you noticed a puddle on the floorboard? This is nothing but a sign of the cowl leaking.

Over a period of time what tends to happen is that leaves, twigs and dust accumulate in the cowl. Leaves that are left there can break down and create sediment that blocks the cowl drain. This way, water enters the passenger compartment. In some extreme cases clogged cowl drains can immobilize an engine – which can be very costly repair job.

Which is why it is very important to get the cowl checked at one of SKODA’s service centres.

At the SKODA Service Centres, we isolate the factors that are causing the cowl problem. We also examine the car thoroughly to check for any rust or clogged drains.

Just take your SKODA to a service centre once a year to enjoy years of smooth and satisfying driving.


ŠKODA Service- Cowl Maintenance

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