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The fuel lines in your SKODA can get clogged. They need to be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum performance.

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Your SKODA is made up of thousands of finely engineered parts and components - to make sure all these parts work together in harmony to give you a great driving experience, your SKODA should be regularly serviced.

Fuel when stored in underground fuel tanks in petrol stations, tends to get mixed with water, chemical seepage or dust particles. Even the tankers that transport fuel to the fuel stations are not immune to adulteration.

A fuel line is a pipe that runs from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel lines can also get clogged with rust and deposits from the fuel tank. Cleaning the fuel line is essential to engine maintenance and upkeep.

If fuel is allowed to stay in the fuel line for an extended period of time, there is a good chance of the fuel breaking down – leading to a build-up of slimy deposits within the line.

The fuel filter is an integral part of the fuel system – its job is to screen out maximum possible rust and dust from the fuel. If these foreign components are not removed from the fuel before it enters the system, they can increase wear and tear rapidly and lead to failure of the fuel pump and fuel injectors. So, the fuel filter should be replaced once a year to optimise your SKODA’s engine performance.

At the SKODA Service Station, fuel pressure is checked through a fuel pressure gauge to make sure that fuel enters the engine at the right pressure. After the fuel filter inspection, if the fuel is found to be contaminated, all the fuel is drained out of the fuel tank. After filling in fresh fuel, the fuel system is vented by an ODIS Tester. The car is then taken for a test drive.

Remember a well-maintained SKODA can give you years of driving pleasure. All you have to do is take it for servicing at a SKODA Centre - once a year.


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  • This is of no use.. Strongly recommend to educate your service engineers to maintain the cars given to service!!!

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    • Dear Shiva,

      We regret that your experience has not been excellent. Request you to share your concern with relevant details. We will look into the matter in detail and get in touch with you at the earliest.

        2 years ago
  • Nice Teaching

      2 years ago