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ŠKODA SERVICE- Periodic Maintenance

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There are thousands of SKODA employees and amongst these are a set of employees whose only job is to make sure that your SKODA always performs at optimum levels. Yes, these are the SKODA Service managers, the men and women who make sure the SKODA smile never leaves your face.

SKODA has a network of authorized service centers across the country. All the personnel in these centers are trained to work on your car as per SKODA's exacting standards. They also use SKODA-recommended equipment and latest diagnostic data.

Since the service experts in an authorized center have been trained by SKODA, they know the vehicles to the last nut and bolt. They also have extensive knowledge about spare parts. The service centers naturally use only genuine parts that are identical to the original parts and these parts go through the same rigorous tests that the original tests go through. A warranty is also offered on repair.

Some of the important components that we routinely check and replace include:

The Oil Filter: The job of this component is to remove particles and sludge from the oil, so the oil filter eventually becomes clogged and needs to be replaced.

The Fuel Filter: This is located in the fuel line and screens out dust and impurities from the fuel.

The Air Filter: Its purpose is to prevent dust and other particles from entering the engine.

The Pollen Filter: This cleans the air that comes into the interior through the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Of course, oil is the lifeblood of the engine, but coolant helps handle the heat, we check the coolant levels regularly.

Since your car has many electronics, maintaining your battery is also vital. We ensure that your battery is performing at optimum levels.

After we carry out all the processes, the car is sent of a complete diagnostics where static and periodical errors are checked.

Depending on the car's model, we recommend service cycles. We urge you to follow these cycles so that your SKODA is always a joy to drive.

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Periodic Maintenance

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