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How much ever you love your car and how much ever you take care of it, it is important to send it to professionals for periodic check-ups. And the most professional of them are the people in a SKODA workshop.

The performance of your car is directly dictated by the quality of its tyres and the grip they provide. Tyres absorb road shocks, transmit traction, braking forces and provide steering stability. Tyres are the only part of your car that are in contact with the road. It is essential to ensure that the tyres match SKODA's recommended speed rating, load index, aspect ratio, rim width and diameter.

The tyres should also be filled with the right amount of pressure, which depends on the load the vehicle is carrying. The pressures are mentioned on the fuel lid cover.

It is not safe for the tyres to go below the wear limit and it is best to get them checked.

Some of the risks of NOT using SKODA recommended tyres include:

A) Less control on vehicle stability.

B) Tyres lose grip when roads are slippery or wet because of a decrease in braking efficiency.

It is important to drive with good tyres as under inflated or worn out tyres increase fuel consumption and there is also a real danger of a tyre burst when you are driving. But how do you ensure tyre performance and safety?

The best way is to take your car to a SKODA Service center where trained professionals will take your tyres through a comprehensive safety check. They include tread inspection, tyre inflation pressure, balancing and alignment.

To ensure even wear and tear of the wheels, tyres need to be 'rotated'. Which means the tyres are changed from one position to another. This extends the life of a set of tyres.

Tyres will serve you best when they are routinely changed and checked, If a tyre has cracks, bulges or frequently loses pressure, there is a very good chance that it is damaged. In such a case, it is best to consult a SKODA workshop immediately.

Remember a tired tyre is a dangerous tyre!


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