Škoda teased the upcoming Eniaq Coupé, and it looks odd

As ever

Yet another SUV/Coupe is about to hit the market, there are a couple of reasons why I'm excited (sort of) about this and a few more why I'm not. First of all, it's a Škoda, I don't know why but that makes it automatically more interesting than, say, a VW or a Seat. Secondly, I think the front end looks good.

The main reason why I'm not so sure is the reaer end looks botched and awkward. Then again it always does with this type of vehicle. It'll be based on VW Group's MEB all-electric platform, and powered by... we don't know what. Apart from the fact that it's electric.

Tune in on the day of the reveal, on January 31st, to find out more.

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Comments (6)

  • That’s because is has camouflage on it. 🤣🤣

    Anyway, how many cars does you think VAG can spin off this one platform??

      12 days ago
    • eleventy million

        12 days ago
    • So far ID3/4/5/6, Skoda now 2, Cupra born,Audi both q4’s (9)

      Seat, hatch, estate, SUV? two for Ford and whoever else. Could easily be 15-20.

        12 days ago
  • It looks like Skoda are having a laugh and have just wrapped a Mustang Mach E..

      12 days ago
  • it looks like a toy car

      12 days ago
  • Really odd

      12 days ago