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'My Relationship with SKODA', Neeral Trivedi

2y ago

My SKODA Rapid, I must confess, was chosen by my husband. It’s a heady mix of intellect & machismo, I suspect and strongly believe, the other half saw as an extension of his image. And like every good relationship, this one too is comforting. Lavishly endowed with power, the SKODA Rapid takes on the road with utmost ease. Maintaining its cool composure even at high speeds of 140-150, isn’t it amazing!

However, the true test is when I have taken it out of its familiar environment. Workday routine is fine, but this is a vehicle that energetically embraces the great outdoors. Great road trips are all about the drive and the SKODA Rapid always delivers a gutsy performance. From Mumbai to Goa, 6 times in 5 years. Making not just our vacations but even memories. And what’s a road trip without music? The acoustics deliver music just the way I like it – loud, or as the man of the house would say, blasting!

As for the service, the SKODA Service Centre is a delight to interact with. Not only does it pamper the car but patiently answers all my questions in details (how I wish there were more like this in my life).

Like I said earlier, good relationships are not easy to form. But once formed, they are definitely not easy to give up. For me, the SKODA family is where I belong. For my next upgrade, I will certainly choose a SKODA. And this time, rest assured, with me making the final choice.

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