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Just like any other car enthusiast around, I make my buying decision after a lot of research, opinions from friends in my car circle, test drives, jotting down my needs and matching criteria.

What I was looking for was a car which could act as a family car and also could turn in to a powerful sedan when needed. Safety, power, reliability and looks were on the top of my list. A car which I could tune for my needs for more power and comfort. The result is Laura - There was no other car which could fit the bill so well.

Been for a few long journeys and it has never disappointed me in any aspect. Power, fuel efficiency, design language, comfort level for driver and passengers it ticks all the boxes. It feels so safe to drive unlike previous cars I’ve owned. One long drive in the SKODA Laura and you will know what I'm talking about. There is absolutely no match in this segment or one above.

When every other manufacturer is into cost-cutting and getting old models renamed and selling it again with few extra features, SKODA has stood tall by giving us latest models at a certain price bracket which can even compete with a level higher of the other manufacturer models.

Wouldn't be a surprise if my next purchase is also from SKODA itself.

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  • 7 long years.. finally the moment comes when I drive out my self owned Skoda Rapid 1.5TDI Style AT from the showroom on 24th Oct 2019..

    Wow what a moment it was.. I felt so successful that day.. always wanted to own this beast from the very first day I dreamt of buying a car.. I drove my WagonR for 10years with the odo on 1,00,000 and then I waited.. I feel so proud to own a skoda.. definitely the power, looks, comfort, drive, it all has the premium feel and finally the 7 speed DSG is the icing on the cake.. woah..! You just don’t feel the up and down shifts and when they happen.. just as smooth as butter.. we call it makkhan..! Superb.. I am just back from a very short trip from Goa to Karwar and back and It was damn comfortable.. what a ride it is..

    Pankaj Parab was the sales rep who got the vehicle for test ride and ensured I have all the required information about the car.. then it starts.. price, negotiations, agreements.. finally I have the best price and the Goa government rolls the 50% reduction in road tax.. wow what a huge discount that all put together was.. finally the very long wait was rewarded with a big smile on my wife’s face more than mine.. she was very happy for me as it was her who pushed me hard to buy it now.. I still remember her words, “but it now or I shall not allow you to buy the next time when you say let’s buy it now”.. and then I had to.. no more wasting time.. I went for it.. I am so happy today for having achieved my feet, a milestone in our life..

    Thank you ŠKODA for everything.. from the test ride to the owners ride from the showroom.. all hassle free just over Whatsapp chats between me and Pankaj.. infact we texted so much that I had the entire specs on Whatsapp..

    Wonderful experience for a even more wonderful ride.. proud owner of a ŠKODA..

    Simply Clever..!!!

    9 days ago


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