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The SKODA Rapid. A Gentleman’s Car.

1y ago

In 2012 my family pushed me to upgrade my car citing my love for F1 and since I am an Auto love bug. A number of choices were on my list. After a thorough evaluation of all my choices, I decided on the SKODA Rapid. My final decision was the Rapid, mainly on account of Safety for my family as it is an extremely sturdy car. Not only does the exterior of the car look muscular and sturdy, but also the interior. The sales executive at my dealership played a major role in persuading me to purchase this car, and hands down, it was the best decision I made.

I bought a top-end SKODA Rapid Diesel on my birthday Jan 22nd, 2013, which is the best gift I could give myself. The idea of buying the Rapid TDI was to go on long drives with my family. The main advantage of the SKODA is you do not feel tired or uneasy despite driving long hours. Driver fatigue is hardly there while driving. The car interior as well as the cockpit is great and will give you a very premium feel. The performance of this car and its top-class engine makes every driver fall in love with it.

I’ve driven my SKODA to many destinations which include Kanyakumari, Goa, Kerala, Hyderabad and within Karnataka.

My special moment was when I drove at a very high speed on the Rajiv Gandhi expressway in Hyderabad. Even at this high speed, the car hardly budged and remained ever sturdy.

On highways, 140k mph feels like 100kmph. That's the beauty of this car. The mileage stays at 15 kmpl despite driving at top speed. In the city, I use the car on a daily basis, and it gives me 14 kmpl despite the notorious traffic in Bangalore. The best part about this car is the torque which makes driving in the city effortless.

I’ve driven up to 85,000 km until now and I just recently changed my brake discs. No other changes have been made. I have never had to spend anything extra on any other service-related costs. The Clutch, Gear transmission as well as the suspension is still intact. The cost of servicing the car is INR 12-15K per year including wear and tear replacements like brake shoe and engine oil. The after-sales experience has been great.

My dream journey would be to drive to Leh from Bangalore, and this car will help me fulfill my desire. I cannot wait to undertake this journey with my SKODA Rapid TDI.

None of the performance parameters of this car have deteriorated ever since I brought it home from the showroom and I don't regret purchasing this car. I will surely recommend this car to others looking to purchase a car within a similar range.

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  • welcome to DT. Looking forward to your trip from Banglore to DT.

      1 year ago