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“The Only Car Better than a SKODA is a SKODA. Trust me, I know.” Saurabh Tikiya.

2y ago

My relationship with SKODA began way back in 2005 when I took my uncle’s Octavia for a ride. I was so enamoured by the lavishness, the handling, the boot space and the overall feel that I promptly booked myself an Octavia 1.8 TDI L&K.

90000 kms and five years later, I got myself a Laura 2.0 TDI AT and fell in love with the SKODA brand all over again. I have owned automatic cars before but believe me when I say this, SKODA aced it with the wet clutch box. At the touch of a throttle, the car could really fly. And I could feel that it was just waiting to be pushed further.

Cut to 200000 kms and five years later and I am now behind the wheel of an Octavia A7 1.8 TSI AT Style Plus. The amount of driver assist features in the car are at par with any luxury German brand in the market. What’s more, shift to the DQ-200 in sports mode and the car can pretty much give any one of the German cars a run for their money.

With my penchant for speed, it was a matter of time before I met with an accident. And I thank my lucky stars that I was driving in my SKODA when it happened. I emerged unscathed and there was not much damage to the SKODA as well. Since then, my faith in the sturdiness and safety of SKODA cars has just increased exponentially.

Now that my friends know that I am driving my third SKODA, they ask me about servicing charges. All I tell them is that the charges are worth it. The service is excellent and transparent. To me, SKODA has always been a Value for Money car.

I now have my eyes on my next SKODA - the KODIAQ. SKODA has hit another home run with this 4X4 and I consider it to be a worthy addition to the SKODA heritage.

My love affair with SKODA continues...

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